Life is an experience with God (Voice of God)

Life is lived experiences. I experience God through each lived experience. The song “Voice of God” says it well. I can hear the voice of God while I am chilling by the beach listening to the waves of the ocean. I can hear him while walking in the park, oh the joy that he fills me with. I think we often say “my favourite places to escape to are x, y and z” not realising they are our favourites because that’s where we hear and feel God the most. Even a non-believer experiences the same even though they might not believe that it is God, they just know it is something bigger than themselves.

 I experienced God when I was up in the middle of the night working on my research assignment, I had a lot of those moments and I felt humbled, filled with joy and just blessed to feel him in that kind of a moment. It made me realise how indeed he gave us the gifts we have for his glory. When I do public speaking, either giving a speech or a presentation I cannot explain what happens, but a transformation happens. I zone out when I speak, like nothing else exist and my mind is also cleared of all thoughts. It is effortless! God gives us unique gifts and talents and it is sometimes shocking how they manifest. I also experience God when I write about my thoughts or revelations about life’s meaning. I experience God while reading a book and I get a revelation about it and sometimes just listening to a seminar or a sermon at church. I cannot explain the feeling, but it is some sort of way to guide my life’s direction. Music touches my soul, and it is my form of worship and expression of my love for him.

I can feel God when I am sad or about to give up,I feel his words of affirmation or comforting voice. One time in the middle of the night I had sleep paralysis, the worst kind I had ever experienced. I could swear the plan was that as soon as I wake up from the paralysis, I am going to call a friend and go sleep at her house because it was terrifying. But in the middle of it I called out his name, I prayed and when I woke up, I opened Psalm 110 and I was comforted by the scripture. I did not need to go anywhere, I continued to pray until I fell asleep. When I look back at the sad moments I cry because I begin to see how his grace has carried me through. I may not necessarily appreciate it when I am in the desert but when I look back, I am humbled by his grace.

Life is about experiences, every single one of them. I believe in trying out things and living out experiences in batches. My definition of life experiences may be different from yours, but I know the experiences which make me feel my most natural and liberated! I plan to optimise on the experiences which make me feel closer to God, it is my form of worship and intimacy with him.  I want my story to be about the lived experiences and how I have experienced God in the moments. It is such a beautiful thing to have an intimate relationship with God. Even a 600 Km drive can be that moment you need just to be together. He makes me happy!

I have shared a snapshot of how I experience God, as I mature in the spirit the level of intimacy changes, but I hope it speaks to you and encourages you in your faith in God!