I am sustained in you, put together in love. Every fabric of my being has been made with such clear thought that there is nothing misplaced. You are my maker; I turn to you when something inside of me is not working as it should. Whether I feel broken inside, sick, incomplete, or lost I will always run to my maker. You sustain me with your love, your unconditional love. Your arms are always open wide ready to embrace me. It may sometimes take long to realise it, but all I need to do is to run towards you and I am safe. When all else fails, all I have is you. You are the one constant in my life. I am sustained in you. I have got nothing left but you. You are the only thing and person I can hold on to without any fear of being let go, being rejected, and judged. You love me inside and out; every fibre of my being is filled with your love.

The walks we normally take, and our conversations fulfil me. Who am I without you? What will become of me without you? You are my creator, my best friend, and my Lord. Oh, how I love walking with you when you show me how vast and beautiful the earth is that you created. I am humbled by its beauty and long to visit it even more. Every sight of the earth just shows how majestic you are. If we cannot see it and embrace it then we ought to ask you to give us eyes to see the beauty that is in this world. Lord, invite more of your children to take this journey with you and experience the splendour of your beauty. I am sustained in you. When I turn to the north or the south your beauty remains, whether it is the sun setting or it’s rising it is just beautiful. In that beauty I see you, I hear you and I feel you. You are my God forever! I am sustained in you!


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